Clean water, and the Lack Therof

Many places in the world are suffering an extreme lack of clean drinking water.

Water, the World’s Most Precious Resource

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Many things around the world could be said to be a “precious” resource.  Gold, diamonds, other rare metals and minerals are among these.  For the most part all of these things, however, boil down to money.  Money to buy new clothes, new electronics, go out to eat and wealth of other things.  For those living in the United States, the thought process of the majority is based on luxury and material items.  For most, all of the basic living necessities are barely given a second thought.  And from such thought processes is it then taken for granted the blessing that this country has.  For all the pomp, all the dazzling material items there are, the most important resource of all is taken as an afterthought.  This resource is of course water.  Access to water, clean and potable, is simply part of everyday life for most here.  The reality is that not all countries are as fortunate as this one.  Water sources, if had at all are riddled with bacteria, protozoa, and all other kinds of disease causing agents.  According to an article by Dina Spector from Business Insider it is estimated that without access to water in any form, a human being would only survive for 4 to 5 days, a week at most.  Even if water is present, being forced to drink from polluted sources is not much better and can still lead to death and illness.  A change must be made.



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