Clean water, and the Lack Therof

Many places in the world are suffering an extreme lack of clean drinking water.

A Different World of Water

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     It’s no secret that there are those in the world who lack access to clean water.  What might be surprising to some, however, is how the breakdown of those without water measures up.  Globally there are nearly 800 million people without access to clean drinking water.  Of those, the developed regions of North America, Europe, much of Northern Asia, Australia and Japan, only make up 10 million of those combined.  Africa alone attributes nearly 350 million of that 800 million total.  The southern and central parts of Asia, along with Oceania make up approximately 400 million more without water. South and Central America contribute a lesser amount with around 30 million.  These numbers are honestly staggering though.  About 30 to 40 percent of the world contributes to what amounts to almost 95% of those without clean water. 

     So what does one do when they need a drink of water?



Looking at the above, the choice for most would be obvious.  The fact of the matter, however, is that not everyone has that choice.

Clean water vs. Dirty water: Which one would you choose?



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