Clean water, and the Lack Therof

Many places in the world are suffering an extreme lack of clean drinking water.

The Many Mini Monsters in Water

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When a person thinks of drinking a glass full of dirt, it would unlikely be the optimal choice.  There is, however, far more for those without access to clean drinking water than just a glass of dirt; there is the constant fear of consuming something within the water that could be harmful or even deadly.   For those with normal daily access to clean water, this is what may come to mind when thinking of a glass of dirty water:


Not so appetizing perhaps, but beyond that, unlikely to be of much worry, so what is the big deal for those who have to drink it?  For those in areas without normal access to clean water, they may also see something similar as above as a glass of drinking water.  The difference though is that they are forced to drink this, which may contain this:


Still think it’s all right to drink that water?


Why Water Purification Is Extremely Important




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