Clean water, and the Lack Therof

Many places in the world are suffering an extreme lack of clean drinking water.

Light in the Darkness, Hope for Clean Drinking Water

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A lack of access to clean drinking water plagues many corners of the world.  There is dirty water, water with viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms.  All hope is not lost, however.  There are various solutions already working to help and those in progress as we speak. 

Take for instance this: The LifeStraw


And the facts of it are quite interesting – the below is facts for the personal size

  • Contains a filter with fibers just .2 microns across
  • Filters 99.9% of harmful bacteria, dirt and parasites from it
  • Can filter up to 1000 liters (264 gallons) of water
  • Lasts around a year

Also comes in a family size which:

  • Can handle a family of five for three years
  • Can filter roughly 18,000 liters (4755 gallons)
  • pores of filter .02 microns across meaning it can even trap viruses


Below is a diagram of just how LifeStraw works.

how lifestraw works

This is not the only solution, and ideally not the end solution, but those people like these kids:


It is most definitely a life saver.

Veepo Global Resources Inc.: Providing Clear Waters


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