Clean water, and the Lack Therof

Many places in the world are suffering an extreme lack of clean drinking water.

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Education Towards a Better, Cleaner Future of Water

There are a number of implements used towards helping provide a source of clean water to those in need around the world.  Providing the ability to obtain clean water is only part of the solution, however.  In addition to this, education on water is necessary, to inform those of the dangers of polluted waters and how to avoid it.


In the works for a 2015 commercial release to many countries all around the world is the The Drinkable Book.

This book contains specially made paper with silver nano particles and is printed with educational info about the dangers or dirty drinking water and prevention of such conditions.  The books are being translated into numerous languages and will be distributed in 33 different countries.

Below is a presentation of how the drinkable book works.



Drinkable Book

If interested in helping fund this incredible phenomenon for aiding those in need of water and the education surrounding it you can visit this page: